Bloomington Chiropractic Center is a patient - wellness centered clinic using integrated techniques and approaches such as CHIROPRACTIC, FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE, and ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE.  As a family centered office, all ages will find our caring staff serving their health needs in a warm and friendly environment.  Using the latest technology and modern health medicine, this Holistic approach helps our Doctors and Staff quickly discover and assess your health concerns.  And, they strive to resolve them just as quickly to get you back to your activities and daily life routines.  Always listening with care, our staff and Doctors will target your health needs and desired health goals as the focus of this team approach.  Education about your current health picture is key in helping you rehabilitate yourself.  Under our highly trained and experienced Doctor's care, you will be assisted in reaching your optimum health and improving your quality of life.  Wellness is our business!  Read more-


   Dr. Norman Houze began practicing in 1978 and opened Bloomington Chiropractic Center
   Center the following year. He earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from National
   College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois, now called the National University of Health
   Sciences.  NUHS is considered the world leader in chiropractic and natural health care
   education.  Dr. Houze is still associated with NUHS as an adjunct faculty member training
   new doctors in clinical practice management.
   Dr. Houze utilizes various chiropractic techniques including diversified techniques such as
   Cox Flexion-Distraction, Distraction, Spinal decompression, Applied Kinesiology,  
   Gonstead, Activator, Cranial-sacral, Soft Tissue Release, and pieceless acupuncture.  Dr.
   Houze's practice includes patients of all ages, infants to senior citizens as well as  high
   performance athletes, many of whom are associated with Indiana University.   Dr. Houze has helped pioneer the use of Functional Medicine over 30-years.  Today he has one of the clinics in Indiana
utilizing this modern approach to individualized health care and quality body composition.  He has overseen the wellness power of natural health care for thousands of patients.
Dr. Houze is a proud member of the American Chiropractic Association and the Indiana State Chiropractic Association.   He is married to Cricket and together they have enjoyed raising two daughters, Daphne and Alyssa.   Dr. Norm continues to coach Indiana University cycling teams who won the Little 500 in 2006 and 2007.  He also coaches the local high school Solar Bike Team, several teams of which have been national champions going on to race in Japan.  Still acting as the director of deCycles for over 16 years, he continues this popular bicycling youth development program challenging teen students on high adventure cross-country bicycle trips.  He performs on the piano and synthesizer at church on frequent occasions.  There isn't a sport or song he doesn't love.  

Ashish Thaker
 Dr. Ash Thaker obtained his Chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences or
 NUHS (formerly National College of Chiroractic or NCC) in Lombard, Illinois just as Dr. Houze 
 did.  Previously he attended Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana where he obtained a
 Biology Degree in 2010. 

 Dr. Thaker has a wide range of skills in management and treatment of  neuromusculoskeletal
 conditions.  He is trained in Diversified Technique, Flexion- Distraction (F&D), Activator, Spinal
 Decompression, Motion Palpation, Post-Isometric Relaxation  (PIR), Active Release Technique
 (ART), Graston Technique, Myofascial Release Technique, Nimmo Method, and Kinesio-Taping. 
 He is trained in Active Rehabilitation for treatment of soft tissue and mechanical imbalances due 
 to injuries and poor ergonomics of repetitive motion.  He utilizes body composition, nutrition and 
 functional wellness to  compliment his other treatment methods of practice as much as possible

Dr. Thaker is also a licensed Acupuncturist.  He is skilled in alternative healing systems and modalities including not just acupuncture but electro-acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Cupping, Moxibustion, Gua Sha, Acupressure, Reflexology, Su Jok Therapy (Onnuri Medicine), and Ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine).  Such training makes Dr. Thaker a most complete and thorough Doctor and Chiropractor.

He was raised in the Louisville area living in Jeffersonville where his father and mother are both doctors.  He attended Our lady of Providence High School.  There he followed his love of sports, participating in cross county running and wrestling teams.  He continues to enjoy sports today.  Dr. Thaker is interested in sports injuries and active recovery.  He specializes in treating athletic, musical, and occupational hazard conditions through Performance Enhancement.  Being here in Bloomington with its many recreational and team sports, professional training of musicians, as well as this areas’ “weekend warriors” and marathon/triatholon athletes, it is a perfect place for his type of practice.  He looks forward to serving you as a gentle but effective Chiropractor and Fitness Rehab Specialist for Performance Enhancement in this town.  Added with the Functional and Nutritional Wellness component, he can provide the comprehensive care for which Bloomington Chiropractic Center is so well known.


Cricket Houze, B.S, M.A.  WELLNESS COACH   
 Cricket Houze is BCC's Wellness Coach.  She is a graduate of Ball State University with
 a BS in Education.  Her Masters in Education and Reading is from Indiana University,  
 Bloomington. She is trained and certified through Diet Conscious Food Preparation and  
 Healthy   Eating from the Hinsdale Hospital and Sanitarium,  from Kushi Macrobiotics Institute,
 and from Jeffrey Woodward's The Healing Power of Food Program.  Her current interest and focus
 is Juicing and Raw Foods Diet. 

As the clinic's Wellness Coach, she conducts individual consultations regarding all phases of nutrition and food preparation done in conjunction with the clinic doctor's individual recommendations and goals.  Healthy eating, "kitchen makeovers", personal and family meal planning, meal preparation for the chronically ill as well as healthy food choices, shopping, and food substitutions are all services provided by Cricket. 

She has grown food for her family since leaving her family farm in Auburn, Indiana.  There most everything eaten was grown at home.  Her farming background provided experiences in gardening, food preparation, canning, freezing, sprouting, vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as creative cooking.  Cricket is a wife and mother of 2 two daughters.  She enjoys a variety of volunteer activities.  She has ridden across America in 7 weeks and continues to bike with deCycles.  She is also active in Unity church. 
Cricket's main goal is to live a fulfilling and purposeful life while taking care of this planet and its family.

   Aaron Smith, CMT  MASSSAGE   Aaron Smith is a master in the area of Massage and Myofascial Release Therapy serving patients and athletes in the Bloomington area.  With over 300 hours of clinical training, he specialized in athletic body work and rehabilitation.  He is a graduate of the Bloomington massage school.  His training included work on football and basketball players at our Big Ten university of IU - Indiana University. 

Aaron's Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massage is an integral part of the Chiropractic care.  At this clinic, his work is excellent and designed to thoroughly prepare your body for longer lasting and deeper adjustments as well as reducing the discomfort of chronic pain conditions or injuries.  His work helps to also balance the body's energy.  His sessions are like a physical "relaxation  meditation".  As a father and husband, he is in tune to the needs and discomforts of all ages.  His techniques are versatile and quite beneficial for the young and the senior citizens as well.

    As a full time massage therapist and body worker, Aaron's hours are everyday of the week.  Most sessions are scheduled before chiropractic alignments and AK or Applied Kinesiology balancing.  Times offered range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.  Appointments are made by calling Bloomington Chiropractic Center (812) 332-6427.  Our office can file this body work to insurance if covered by your policy.  We can help you determine if your insurance will cover massage and myofascial work at this clinic.  An examination by the clinic doctor's will have to be rendered before your massage should you want insurance to be filed. 
   Ron Masters is in private practice at ACCESS Counseling.   He specializes in trauma, 
    stress, and anger counseling at Bloomington Chiropractic Center as well as in
    Columbus, Indiana.   With a strong focus on emotional health, he brings 12 years of
    coaching in mental wellness experience to this office.

    He is a key component to BCC's comprehensive, Holistic approach to wellness in the
    areas of emotional and mental health.  Ron is certified in EMDR, a specific treatment for
    trauma of all types and helpful with anxiety, fear, panic, PTSD or post traumatic stress 
    disorder, and phobias. 
    Available for individual appointments, sessions last one hour except for the initial
    consultation which is one and a half hours long.  Adults and adolescents are accepted are
    as clients with minors needing to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  ACCESS
    Counseling is in network with many insurance companies and can file claims for you.  Call 
BCC or ACCESS Counseling (812) 335-8555 if you have any questions or to make an appointment.

Ron and his wife Carolyn were both born and raised in Bloomington.  Raising a family and doing things together has always been important to them.  They have 2 lovely daughters and 4 grandchildren in the Midwest.  Ron enjoys special times with his wife, canoeing, and tennis.  He is active in his church, Unity, where he leads Sunday morning book study classes as well as shares his talent as a singer.